Walimex pro 5in1 Folding Reflector 80cm

"Walimex pro 5in1 Folding Reflector 80cm, Reflector, For portrait photography in smaller studios, on location, outdoor, photography, children's youth fashion Diameter: 800 mm, Coatings: White, silver, black, wavy gold, transparent, Round shape, Foldable, Self tautening, With two handles 3 8'' threads for mounting on tripods, The ""pop up"" function allows quick assembly compact folding, Transport dimension: 330 Weight: 540 g, Incl. carrying bag"


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Roland VR 120HD

Roland VR 120HD, 12 Channel Direct Streaming AV Mixer, Live automation with sequencing, macros scene memory locations, Integrated streaming encoders enable the transmission of two live streams up to 1080p 60 FPS each, recording of to an SDXC card for archiving, editing sharing content, 6x 3G SDI input frame conversion, 6x HDMI real time scalers, Video effects engine eight composition layers, 3x SDI, 3x HDMI, USB C an independent direct output, Programme,


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Soundmachines DC1 Drumcomputer

Soundmachines DC1 Drumcomputer, Eurorack Module, 8 Track Trigger Sequencer, 8 Tracks with 16 steps each and adjustable track length, Memory locations for 128 pattern, Song mode fill in patterns, Adjustable tempo, shuffle trigger Internal clock or synchronisation to external signals, 4 Assignable CV inputs to modulate parameters like shuffle, roll, more, MicroSD card slot firmware updates storage, Power consumption: 60mA ( 12V) ( 12V), Width: 20 U


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Adam Hall 6206F Lid Location Female 10mm

Adam Hall 6206F Lid Location Female 10mm, Profile de fermeture femelle, Longueur: 1 m ( 5 mm), En aluminium, Pour materiau d'une epaisseur de 10 > < 1,5 mm


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Overhype Studios Battle Brothers Beasts & Exploration

The 'Beasts & Exploration' DLC for Battle Brothers expands game with a larger world, full of unique hidden locations throughout that offer ...


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Iceberg Interactive Inmates

Inmates is a story driven, atmospheric psychological horror game. Featuring interactive exploration in a suffocating location, mind bending puzzles and distu...


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Adam Hall 6100 Hybrid Lid Location 13mm

Adam Hall 6100 Hybrid Lid Location 13mm, Profile hybride de fermeture, Longueur: 1 m ( 5 mm), En aluminium, Pour materiau d'une epaisseur de 13 > < 1,5 mm


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Tactical Adventures Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Roll for initiative, take attacks of opportunity, manage player location and the verticality of battle field. Set yourself up finishing strike an...


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THQ Nordic Delta Force: Xtreme 2

Enemies lurk in locations around the globe, waiting for right opportunity to strike. As part of Delta Force, U.S. Army's most secretive and high...


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Adam Hall 6103 Hybrid Lid Location 9,5mm

Adam Hall 6103 Hybrid Lid Location 9,5mm, Profile de fermeture hybride, Longueur: 1 m ( 5 mm), En aluminium, Pour materiau d'une epaisseur de Epaisseur sur les deux cotes: 1,5 Largeur totale: 12,5 mm


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